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Maggie began her career by writing a Star Trek novel called A Free Radical. She got an agent who took it to the Powers-That- Be and they told her they would not read anything by anyone but the authors they already hired. OK. So much for that idea. Next, she turned to screenwriting. Working with her mentor, Madeline DiMaggio, she was a semi-finalist in the Prime-Time Television division of the Heart of Film Screenwriting Contest at the Austin Film Festival for her script “X-Files Mananangal”, and also won a screenwriting contest sponsored by Square Magazine in New York. All of these and subsequent screenplays and teleplays remain stubbornly unproduced.

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Elizabeth in the New World

Jane Austen’s most famous lovers, Darcy and Elizabeth, return in a tale of romance, adventure, and danger set in the heart of the Caribbean.

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The Darcys of New Orleans

In this sequel to Elizabeth in the New World, Elizabeth and Darcy’s romance endures and deepens.

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In the Eye of the Beholder

Intellectual, frank, and outspoken, Eleanor Sherbrook is everything a Victorian lady should not be.

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