Mesmerizing and highly emotional! One of the Ten best I’ve read out of about 500 in the past year! Highly recommend it.
Space Cowgirl
Brilliant Piece – This was a really powerful book showing the horrors of war and what those in the Crimean war endured.
Crystal Crossings

Terrific Book – This third book written by Ms Mooha was one I couldn’t put down until I finished it!

Karla Allen

In the Eye of the Beholder


Intellectual, frank, and outspoken, Eleanor Sherbrook is everything a Victorian lady should not be. Her sister Julia is a stunning beauty who can have anyone she sets her sights on – and she sets them on the man Eleanor loves: the gallant and handsome Lieutenant Joshua Griffiths Wentworth.

Brokenhearted, Eleanor leaves England to become a nurse at the infamous British Army hospital in Scutari, Turkey near where Joshua is mired in war. As a member of the ill-fated Light Brigade, he and his comrades make the charge into the Valley of Death.

Thrown together and forced to face cruelty and loss in a war-torn land, Eleanor and Joshua’s bond grows deeper every day. The folly and glory of the Crimean War forever changes them as they struggle to find a love strong enough to emerge from the ashes of their shared ordeal.