July 10, 2021

Welcome to my website!

Thanks so much for visiting my website, a place for fans of historical romance.

My latest book is In the Eye of the Beholder, a love story set during the Crimean War. The idea came to me in a dream. (No, really, it did). I saw two women, who I knew were sisters and a man dressed in the uniform of a soldier of the British forces in Crimea. That was the seed from which In the Eye of the Beholder grew. This book is a departure for me. My first two books – Elizabeth in the New World and its sequel, The Darcys of New Orleans, were both Pride and Prejudice variations. My latest book has original characters. I hope you get to know them.

As you know, my books are published by Boroughs Publishing Group who just started a monthly podcast this June called “Where Story Matters”. It features interviews with authors, round-table discussions and questions from you, our readers. On July 13, 2021, I will be part of a panel discussing the question, “Will and should Regency romance change in the wake of Bridgerton?” I will also be answering questions from readers. Please join us monthly for great interviews and lively discussions. You will find a link to the podcast on my home page. Please listen and send in your questions!

Don’t forget to “Contact Me” and let me know who you are, what questions you have, or just share your comments. I will do my best to get back to you. A newsletter is also in the offing. You will also notice my social media links in the upper right corner of the Homepage. Please join Maggie Mooha’s Book Group on Facebook and follow me on Instagram and Twitter. Tik Tok will be added as soon as I can figure out how to do it! Most importantly, under “My Books” you can find a quick synopsis of each work and links where you can buy them.

Thanks so much for reading down this far. I am preparing my first blog effort and of course, getting started on my next book. Here’s a question for you – Would you read a Pride and Prejudice variation set during the Edwardian period? (Kind of a P&P meets The Murdoch Mysteries? Let me know!


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