March 31, 2022

Book Review – Women of Valor: Polish Jewish Resistors to the Third Reich by Joanne Gilbert

This book, Women of Valor, is based on interviews of women who were not only Holocaust survivors, but members of the Resistance. Their stories are filled with tragedy and hardship, but also of strength and bravery. It is especially timely now as we watch yet another war unfold in Europe. The stories of these women give perspective to our own lives and takes us to a time where people believed that the unthinkable could never happen, and yet it did. It reminds us that we need to learn from history and to take inspiration from those who resist the against all odds.

I was privileged to be in a book group that had the author present. There I learned that her grandmother escaped the Holocaust, while most of her family was murdered. Having the author’s personal insight into the events gave it more meaning. I highly recommend this book.

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